Feeling overwhelmed while applying for SSI SSDI disability benefits?

Issue: I don’t understand.

Question: What am I missing?

Issue: I give up.

Question: What are some of the strategies and tools that I have learned, that I could use?

Issue: I made a mistake.

Question: What did I learn from this mistake, and how can I use it to improve my future decisions?

Issue: This is too hard.

Question: Am I willing to figure out how much time it will take, invest that time in my humanity, and win.

Issue: It’s good enough, you know, common I’m done.

Question: I’m not dumb enough to spend my life making this my best work, but is this slop really me?

Issue: I’ll never be as smart as him/her.

Question: How do I copy what they did, template it, rethink it, rework it, and ship?

Issue: I can’t make this any better.

Question: How do I improve something simple and small, nothing big, but just this little thing?

Issue: I can’t read.

Question: How do you swallow a whale?  By learning it’s language, trapping it, and gobbling it piece by piece.  The first letter is A, you eat the A.  A is for apple…

Issue: I’m not good at this.

Question: If I was never good at anything when I was born, then how did I make it this far?