How do I become a representative payee for someone receiving SSD SSI SSDI disability benefits?

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If you know someone receiving Social Security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits who needs assistance managing their payments, you should contact your local Social Security office about becoming their representative payee.

The following answer is Attorney Walter Hnot’s annotated response to the previous answer.

Usually a medical expert, DDS representative, ALJ, or field office representative will require a person to have a payee if they have certain mental or physical limitations, which would make their choices, or general ability to handle funds properly, an issue at hand.  If you want to be their Payee, or you want to get rid of your Payee, you need to go to your local field office.  If you google: “SSA Field Office zip code”, the website that you need to find your local field office will pop up.  If you want to be a payee, realize that there are multiple restrictions that apply, even for people of good moral character.  If you want to get rid of your Payee, you need a doctor to sign off with a report that says you are capable of managing your own funds.  Give that report to the field office representative.  Once at the field office, inform the SSA Rep. and they will begin their analysis.