What is objective SSA SSI SSDI disability evidence?

Objective Evidence: Evidence provided by professionals or machines that the system respects.  The system trusts this evidence and gives it more weight.  The more of a specialist in ones field, the more weight the evidence has, ergo, the more likely it will sway the judge.

What are the rankings of objective medical evidence?

  • Seeing Specialist
  • Non-Seeing Specialist
  • Seeing Physician
  • Non-Seeing Physician
  • Seeing ARNP
  • Non-Seeing ARNP
  • Seeing Nurse Practitioner
  • Non-Seeing Nurse Practitioner

Note: The stories you tell, the things you say, are subjective, not objective.  This means that if you want the words you say to be worth their true weight, they better come out of a machine, or a doctor’s pen.  The stop sign is objective, because you must stop.  Let’s take a look at something that is subjective, like you.