What is SSD for wounded warriors and how can I apply?

The following answer is from: https://faq.ssa.gov/link/portal/34011/34019/Article/3723/What-are-Social-Security-benefits-for-wounded-warriors-and-how-can-I-apply

Social Security pays disability benefits through the Social Security disability insurance program or through the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program to military members or veterans who meet Social Security’s definition of disability. If a military member or veteran sustained an illness, injury, or wound while on active duty status on or after October 1, 2001, they will receive expedited processing of their disability claim, regardless of how or where the disability occurred.   

The following answer is Attorney Walter Hnot’s annotated response to the previous answer.

Check out: I-2-1-40(A)(3) – Pretty Cool Stuff.

Military Casualty/Wounded Warrior (MC/WW) Case

A case is designated critical when the claim involves any current or former member of a military service who:

  • Sustained an illness, injury, or wound;
  • Is alleging a physical or mental impairment, regardless of how the impairment occurred, or where it occurred (i.e., United States or on foreign soil); and
  • Sustained the impairment while on active duty status on or after October 1, 2001.

For more information, including the definition of “active duty,” see POMS DI 11005.003.

Generally, the FO will identify and designate MC/WW cases, but an MC/WW case can be identified at any point in the process. MC/WW cases are identified by:

  • The case characteristic “MCWW” in CPMS; and
  • A special MC/WW flag, found at POMSDI 11005.006, in a paper case, or, in an electronic case, by the “Military Casualty/Wounded Warrior” flag in eView.