What is the difference between objective and subjective SSD disability evidence?

Evidence falls into two forms before the Social Security Administration.  Know the difference, own the truth.  TRUTH: Not all opinions carry the same weight, and human suffering is a disability measurement.

Objective Evidence: Evidence provided by professionals or machines that the system respects.  The system trusts this evidence and gives it more weight.  The more of a specialist in ones field, the more weight the evidence has, ergo, the more likely it will sway the judge.

What are the rankings of objective medical evidence?

  • Seeing Specialist
  • Non-Seeing Specialist
  • Seeing Physician
  • Non-Seeing Physician
  • Seeing ARNP
  • Non-Seeing ARNP
  • Seeing Nurse Practitioner
  • Non-Seeing Nurse Practitioner

Note: The stories you tell, the things you say, are subjective, not objective.  This means that if you want the words you say to be worth their true weight, they better come out of a machine, or a doctor’s pen.  The stop sign is objective, because you must stop.  Let’s take a look at something that is subjective, like you.

Subjective Evidence: Evidence provided by friends, family members, or even yourself.  It’s capable of being biased usually, and does not hold nearly as much weight as objective evidence.  The yield sign is subjective, can you go, should you fully stop?

What are the rankings of subjective evidence?

  • Subjective evidence that can be directly and objectively verified.
  • Subjective evidence that can be indirectly and objectively verified
  • Non-claim related or non-biased subjective evidence.
  • Claim related or potentially biased subjective evidence.

Note: The whole point of this is to understand that all evidence is necessary and now required by law to be submitted.  We need to constantly try to connect the dots, find the subjective, and try to tag it to some form of objective evidence.  I have bipolar, lost it on Kenny, pulled a knife.  Subjective.  The cops were called, a police report created, baker acted, medical doctor’s diagnostic impression shows: Bipolar.